About Us

Pen Company of America is a US manufacturer of ballpoint pens with over 60 years’ experience molding, assemblying and printing pens in the USA.  To this day we are proud to say that we still manufacture all our writing instruments in the USA.  If you want to see how pens are made in the USA, check out this short video PCA Facility.   PCA is run by fourth generation pen manufacturers who some say were born with ink running through their veins.

A year ago PCA was approached with the concept of the Foldzflat® pen.  Intrigued by the pen’s concept and engineering, PCA agreed to manufacture the item in its NJ facility.  With our ability to custom imprint small runs in a short period of time, the Foldzflat project was one we were eager to bring to market.  Through our development of the Make My Pen website, we are excited to now be able to have our customers design their own pens online or on their phone.  Please follow us and show us pictures of the pens that you create on our social media.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/makemypen

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Happy Designing!!

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